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  1. Yomi
    Yomi at |

    THIS is appalling. I had always thought South Africans were the most enlightened of all of us. Pocket incidences like these are a rude shocker. Geez!!!

  2. nelson
    nelson at |

    what a tragedy. rest in peace honey. you will ever remain in our heart.

  3. Dee
    Dee at |

    Being killed just because of what you are is completely unfair this should stop.#stop_homosexuals.

  4. Rosemary
    Rosemary at |

    I am so happy that he finally had his peace. Now that he is dead. No more struggle and stress. He can’t die again. He has died ones. Thank God for his death.
    Am not saying the people that killed him did the right thing but his death is very good in the sense that, it will end his suffering and thinking.

    1. neil
      neil at |

      I’m not sure you are right Rosemary. I think he had a God given right to be himself and to live life the way nature intended. There’s NO ‘very good’ about this at all.

  5. dami
    dami at |

    Why murder someone because of their sexuality,sometimes it sucks to be an African 🙁


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