Here is why your HIV positive partner can’t infect you (For Gays only)

The world’s largest study on HIV transmission has proved HIV+ men with undetectable viral loads cannot transmit HIV to their sexual partners.

The University of New South Wales’ The Kirby Institute who carried out the Opposites Attract study presented the results at the IAS Conference on HIV Science in Paris.

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By Mike Daemon

Couples who participated in the study had different HIV status – one of the men was living with HIV, while the other was HIV negative.

It was revealed that during the study, 17,000 men participated in acts of anal sex without a condom, and none of those acts resulted in HIV transmission.

 “Undetectable virus level effectively prevents HIV transmission among gay couples,’ said the Kirby Institute’s Professor Andrew Grulich.

“Opposites Attract is the first study to show that these results apply in both high and middle-income countries.

“Our research adds to the evidence from a small number of other international studies of heterosexual and homosexual couples and means that we can say, with confidence, that effectively treated HIV blocks transmission in couples of differing HIV status.”

HIV treatment works by suppressing the level of virus in a person living with the virus. The treatment works so the immune system damage is halted and even reversed.

When treatment is consistently taken daily, the virus levels become so low that they become undetectable in the blood.

A life changing result

The results show when an undetectable viral load is maintained, the risk of HIV transmission is negligible.

‘This is life-changing news for couples of differing HIV status,’ said Grulich.

‘But it is important that the HIV positive partner is under regular medical care and does not miss any of their anti-retroviral medication in order to ensure they maintain an undetectable viral load.’

Opposites Attract involved 358 gay couples from Thailand, Brazil, and Australia over four years from 2012–2016.

Stakeholders in the study included HIV/AIDS organizations in the countries where the couples lived. They argued this conclusive evidence will help end stigma for people living with HIV.

‘The results of the Opposites Attract study have important implications for serodiscordant couples in Brazil, and all around the world,’ said Dr. Beatriz Grinsztejn from Brazil’s Evandro Chagas Clinical Research Institute.

‘Opposites Attract has shown us… an important finding that will help to break down the stigma associated with living with HIV.

‘These results strengthen the argument for treatment as prevention and provide couples with options when it comes to negotiating safe sex.’

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  • comment-avatar
    Max Smith 5 years

    Play with fire and You will be burned. Anal sex should ALWAYS include condom use. The way in which I’ve remained negative for HIV (tested May 5, 2017) at age 62 is never to have anal sex in any position, no exceptions. Frottage (outercourse) and fellatio to climax are what I’ve done with neg and poz partners since the 1980’s. Saliva is a natural anti-microbial. Why oh why are so many people OK with the need to take medicine every day for life? Why add to the wealth of millionaires who run the pharmaceutical companies that do not do anything to advocate for LGBT issues like housing, education and employment?

  • comment-avatar
    Nacido Rico 5 years

    Condoms are not 100% safe. SO, ABSTAIN!!!

  • comment-avatar
    Nacido Rico 5 years

    Condoms are not 100% safe. SO, ABSTAIN!!!

    • comment-avatar
      Samuel 5 years

      Abstain? can anyone actually abstain from sexual activities?

  • comment-avatar
    Lagadude 5 years

    Abstain? hmmm ain’t easy while blood flows in our body! But there are better options like: masturbation or foreplay, kissing and cuddling, use lubricant in between your partner’s two thighs then tighten and you insert your dick but no penetration and You both will still enjoy the body contact (Oxytocin) feeling the pleasure and stay safe.

    I don’t like condom at all as i feel nothing with it, it is rubber and not sweet(My opinion)…..I do not flirt, I always keep a girl and doesn’t fail to do HIV test at first time with her. I also don’t like anal therefore using lubricant in between your partner laps while tighten them together is very pleasurable too. Hey! I like to receive oral, can HIV be transmitted via oral sex where there is no bleeding?

    Between that I am a bi-curious guy. Although I date girls but I can’t deny there is part of me that have feelings for some guys. I will say that growing from a strict religious background and discrimination/being tagged gay has suppressed it but didn’t kill the feelings. Therefore I only explore that side by having a hot gay chat with fake profile and recently starting to enjoy gay porn more than straight porn and sometimes can even masturbate to both gay and straight porn.

    HIV scares me the most in gay but as i said I naturally do not like anal even with a girl. I guess I am not alone in this category? Just a dream that I will someday give more attention to get a guy who fall into the same category and secretive so we can enjoy that part…. but won’t stop me from getting married and having kids though.

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