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  1. Pankar
    Pankar at |

    Sad sad lonely Africa

  2. Pink Panther
    Pink Panther at |

    This is really sad. I mean, I don’t know if I’d ever come out to publicly (or privately) lie about who I am just so I can get finer things to help with living, and I resent her for that. But still… *sigh* Really sad.

    1. Mikilowest
      Mikilowest at |

      Agreed. Personally I wouldn’t do that, not because I’m perfect or anything, but because I have several coping mechanisms for that sort of thing. (Books, music, comedy videos)

  3. Jane
    Jane at |

    Really sad. They should reach out to her.

  4. Ham
    Ham at |

    Val can never be straight. More than a decade of lgbt. I think i once knew how she played hide and seek with a former boyfriend. That girl can lie. Simply put…the gay community either abandoned her or shez financially bankrupt


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