“Help, my girlfriend is cheating on me with a woman” – Straight man writes

A straight anonymous man has written privately to Grammo Suspect, an openly Lesbian Kenyan rapper, concerning his relationship troubles. He claims his girlfriend of over 5 months, is secretly having an affair with another woman. He is asking for advice.

Read his entry below.

“Hello, Grammo, first let me start by appreciating the kind of work you and your delivery of good music. I just checked in to ask for advice from since you are a LGBT activist and ambassador. On matters relationships, i have an issue that has really been eating me up. I am a very straight guy and never judgemental on peoples sexuality. To the main issue, I have been in a very steamy relationship with my girlfriend for five month now. Thing were very okay the first up to the third month where she started exhibiting signs of withdrawal. I was very concerned but she assured me everything was ok but still the distance between us kept growing. I began feeling lonely as much as i was in a relationship. When i raised a concern it mostly ended into an argument. In the fourth month, it came to my discovery that the love of my life was cheating on me with a woman. I ddnt judge her but i was just so heartbroken since cheating is cheating regardless with whom. I also learnt that the chic that my gal was cheating on me with also had a boyfriend and they were to keep their rship very discrete. The two ladies in question are Bi’s.

My love for my woman is still intact since she really apologised and said she wont repeat or rather she would change. As much as i was deeply hurt, i gave my woman a chance and forgave her but things on our end are more bad. The flame and the connection is not there. Mostly am the one putting in more effort to make it work. I feel she doesnt love me anymore as much as she ended things with the girl. My question is can these Bis stay faithful to one relationship ?? I love my girl so much but i feel like giving up on her. She still says she loves me but she doesnt show it. Advise me on what i can do plz. If it is possible post my story on your wall so that i can read what people think but kindly hide my Identity. Thank you so much”

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    Dee Lee 5 years

    she is what she is, and she can have it both ways. However, you will never totally satisfy her desire for sexual experiences with another woman, so she will continue even if she says she will not, but will be slipping around as she had done before you found out. It is also evident she enjoys sex with another woman more than a male, so it may be time for you to accept things as they are, give her the freedom to satisfy this sexual desire she has, knowing and accepting it without feeling cheated. The more you confront her, the worse it will get, so let go and give her the freedom she needs, or accept the fact you can not have a relationship with a Bi Sexual person, and find someone more in tune with the way you feel about monogamist relationships.

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