Failed Nigerian musician Waconzy says gays offer nothing but HIV

Afro-soul Nigerian musician Obinna Kelvin Anyanwu popularly known as Waconcy has condemned gays and lesbians saying that they all have HIV.

Obinna Kelvin Anyanwu popularly known as Waconcy.

Waconzy who was born in Port Harcourt, gained some popularity with his song “I celebrate” in 2010 and since then, has struggled to make a comeback even after releasing subsequent songs.

The musician, whose music career is obviously over, took to Instagram to display his ignorance and homophobia. He posted “Gays & lesbians are bad children wey no gree change. They have nothing to offer to this world but HIV”

Waconzy’s post condemning homosexuals and lesbians.

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Given Nigeria’s increasing homophobia toward homosexuals due to ignorance on the issue, the statement above is capable of further encouraging discrimination and stigma which harms efforts to prevent HIV and care for LGBTQ+ persons living with the virus.

Waconzy needs to learn that anyone regardless of their sexual orientation can contract HIV, the virus which causes AIDS and if he really understands the sort of harm that his post can cause to innocent lives, then he won’t wait for too long before taking it down with an apology.

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    Naughty me 4 years

    If not that he deleted the post on Instagram.i would have told him to focus on improving his crappy sound and make hits rather than judge stupidly ..

  • comment-avatar
    JJ 4 years

    It’s always interesting to see the reaction of someone who wants to perform publicly, when they realize that some of their potential audience might be LGBTQ!

  • comment-avatar
    Dominion 4 years

    His music career failed and he’s now looking for new avenues to gain popularity. Rubbish!

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