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  1. Ralph
    Ralph at |

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with what he said but how he said it. He shouldn’t have made it public but it seems that a lot of people have been bugging him to help them for one reason or another. He has achieved what he wanted and most of us are looking up to him to help us since he’s an ACTIVIST. I don’t have anything against him nevertheless.

    RURCHEDI at |

    So typical of him.
    So selfish.
    So wrong of him to say all that.

    Return funders money since its clear you are not an LGBTQI activist.

  3. John Adewoye
    John Adewoye at |

    Whatever led Bisi to make that statement it comes out to distaste of many Nigerian LGBTQI community.

    As an activist and gay Nigerian, I know how frustrating it was for me when people expect me to carry them but lying on the ground like the dead.

    Among other things people ask for include money, ask to be hooked up with rich people, ask for letter of invitation to visit America, etc. My headache with all these requests, is that the only effort they made is their coming to me.

    I have an organization but it “used” to be funded from my salary. I support asylum seekers. Those who took the risk and find their way to America after their lives were genuinely threatened or they determine to live in freedom away from bondage of bogus laws banning same-gender loving intetactions.

    Whatever pushed Bisi to make this statement is best known to him. l agree with him that we have no coordinated Nigerian LGBTQI community. He is one reason we dont have. In fighting for supremacy, classism, self-interest or egocentricism, manipulation and power abuse.

    If truely we need a messiah in Nigerian LGBTQI community, he’s yet to be born based on our inactive mentality or our active political stupidity.

    This issue affects the political ethos of Nigeria as a whole not just LGBTQI PROBLEM. Our politicians demonstrate that we are not their priority because of our dependency and in activity.

  4. Tom Malanga
    Tom Malanga at |

    Bisi is not unique. Here, in my local LGBT community in the U.S., we have a similar media whore “activist” who runs to the media (and the media runs to him) for statements whenever something newsworthy happens that is LGBT related. He (through his organization) takes money away from smaller charitable efforts to fill his pockets and lies about what he actually “accomplishes.”

    I saw through Bisi’s bullshit shortly after getting involved in the Nigerian community in 2016. What’s bad is that so many relied on his leadership. Now they know the truth.

    It reminds me of “The Wizard of Oz” when Dorothy discovers that the Wizard is a fake — she gets mad that she was lied to and put so much faith in him. But then she discovers that she herself had the power to do what she needed to do all along.


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