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Video: Nigerian cross-dresser Amarachi, arrested and interrogated

A Nigerian cross-dresser and sex worker identified as “Amarachi” was reportedly arrested and interrogated by security operatives in Asaba, Delta State.

By Kingsley Adrian Banks

In a viral video that was posted on social media on June 13, 2022, Amarachi, a young cross-dresser was seen being interrogated by security operatives in Asaba, Delta State.

Screenshot of Amarachi from the Video.

Responding to questions posed to him by an unidentified man outside a police station, Amarachi, who is dressed in a black, long-sleeved crop top, very short jean shorts and red, waist-length braids narrated that he was caught having sex with two unidentified men who thought that he was a lady.

Narrating further, Amarachi said that he was in Asaba for a dance program, and, while out on the streets in Asaba for her work, two men had approached him and asked for a “short time”; which is street lingo for quickie sex.

Amarachi did not state whether these two men were aware of his biologically assigned gender but he mentioned that they had negotiated for sex and finally agreed on the payment of N1,500 (one thousand five hundred naira) for his sexual services, however, became worried after seeing another man step in.

Amarachi said upon seeing the second man, he became afraid that they were going to gang-rape him and had to raise an alarm.

“I know say that they were trying to gang-rape me, so…yes; and I started to shout,” Amarachi said. “They cover my mouth and along the line, one of them found out that I am a man. So he was like, oh this person is actually a man and he deceived us that he is a lady. So that was when they now starting to beat me up and…take my belongings.” He said.

In the middle of his responses, Amarachi disclosed to the security operatives that he has been a commercial sex worker since 2016. In an attempt to shame and indict Amarachi, the interviewer got him to admit to having anal sex with men.

At the time of this report, there is no information as to what followed after the videotaped interview.

At this juncture, it is noteworthy to point out that under the Same-Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act, individuals risk a 14-year jail term if caught engaging in homosexual-related activities. Furthermore, although cross-dressing in (Southern) Nigeria is not a crime, many men and transwomen (who are yet to transition physically) seen cross-dressing in female apparel have been caught, in many cases stripped, beaten, humiliated, and taped on video for social media viewing, and, in some cases, badly brutalized or even killed.

Recall that earlier in 2022, a Bauchi State senator at the House of Representatives, Hon. Muda Lawal Umar, sponsored a bill seeking to amend sections of the Same-Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act in order to prohibit cross-dressing and make cross-dressing a criminal offense punishable with 6 (six) months imprisonment or a fine of N500,000.00 (Five Hundred Thousand Naira) for anyone found “guilty” of cross-dressing. While many Nigerian citizens have applauded the bill, there are valid concerns about the far-reaching implications of the bill which will, if passed will potentially put the wider Nigerian people in danger given its ambiguities.

It is also really unfortunate that, while section 34(1) of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria provides for the fundamental right to dignity of human persons, cross-dressers and trans people within Nigeria whose rights have been violated generally do not challenge such violations in court(s), perhaps for fear of reprisals and perhaps because of the inherent hostility within the Nigerian polity to such persons who are an overwhelmed minority group.

Watch the video below.


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