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  1. Temitope Babatude
    Temitope Babatude at |

    Am a gay in Nigeria, also HIV positive, my family are fausing to get married but I don’t feeling for women, I have a lover from USA, who want to get married to me my heart is really for him, I can’t love any other man than him.

  2. Chika
    Chika at |

    Am very glad to have read some comments here and also want to applause you Mike Daemon for the great work you are doing for the LGBT in general . My name is Chukwuka and am from Eastern Part of Nigeria my facebook id is known as Ejike R. Iheatu and i am very glad to read and also see the good work you are doing here .

    I was born this way, from my childhood to this age now i have known whom i am though at a time it wasn’t easy at all especially that time when you felt that you are alone and was left on this earth and also how others see you around, i do things mostly with girls like dancing , playing and doing all things that girls like to do and i must tell you that i am the type that loves matured men a lot is my dream to find one who loves and take me just for whom i am .

    Yes been Gay in Nigeria is never something we wish for ourselves because no one choose where he or she will be born but we cannot force it or change the fact that we were born here and is never a mistake but a strong life challenge we all have to face and with togetherness we will stand and been recognize for whom we are

    My family knew am Gay, yes they knew but that wasn’t easy the time i come out to them , but after the death of my parent , my Uncles has started disturbing me of getting married but i will not bother myself or go through what every other gay men pass through because is my life and i choose to live my life the way and for who i am and not to please them at all

    Have a lot to say but want to thank Mike Daemon for his great work and also to the other LGBT ACTIVIST that togetherness we shall stand and be recognize.


  3. chy
    chy at |

    Try to connect with NGO’s or CSO ‘s who may be willing to help LGBT’s… Build their capacity on the intervention Programs etc….

    That will be a start…


  4. Pankar
    Pankar at |

    How do we reach you Mike?


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