Nigerian Trans/Intersex movement condemns smear campaign against Intersex/trans woman

The Trans/Intersex network of Nigeria (TIN) has spoken out to condemn the negative behaviors of some Nigerian trans women and groups who recently started a smear campaign against a fellow trans woman.

By Mike Daemon


Logo of Trans/Intersex network of Nigeria (TIN).

The network which actively monitors and oversees activities within the trans/intersex movement in Nigeria released an official signed statement condemning the behaviors and actions of one Lashawn Samantha Samuel and U.S-based Nigerian trans woman Amanda Adaeze popularly known as McQueens Rockefeller (Mandy), and Crème de la Crème, a Nigerian trans organization for starting a malicious campaign to unjustly malign and discredit the work of Intersex/Trans activist Emmanuella David-Ette.


Part of the statement reads: “We as a network lay a disclaimer against Lashawn Samantha Samuel, Amanda Adaeze McQueens Rockefeller (Mandy), Crème de la Creme organization and everyone peddling lies to cause a division within the Trans/Intersex Movement in Nigeria should be disregarded because their claims and allegations lack merit and their personalities are questionable and lack integrity”


Also, to get a balanced view of the situation and to learn about what’s going on, NoStringsNG reached out to Samantha several times who on those occasions, deliberately refused to comment or provide details about the issue.


It can be recalled that NoStringsNG recently spoke to LGBTIQ+ rights activist Uchenna Samuel who narrated his side of the story and shared some insight concerning what’s going on.


To read the full statement from the network, click HERE.


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    I am also LGBTQ member of Nigeria. I am support and want to be part of Nigeria LGBTQ community.

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