New Nigerian drama series actually portrays gay love in its truest form?

Amidst great hostility toward homosexuals, a new mainstream Nigerian web drama series dares to portray love between two men.

Scene from “With or Without”

The drama which is titled ‘with or without’ was recently published on Youtube. It shows how two men in a homosexual relationship deeply love each other and find it difficult to hide what they feel.

Dave Ogbeni as David

As common with most Nigerian films, it was expected that the storyline will be thwarted from showing a positive portrayal of homosexuality, but so far, it seems to be heading in an unexpected direction.

Ibiwari Etuk as Mabel

Though the drama is far from perfect, it was in overall still very important that an attempt was made to put the reality of gay men on screen.

Also, the characters were mostly exaggerated and poorly acted. The actors don’t seem to have done a proper research about gay reality before portraying the characters on screen.


Chigozie Okafor as Henry

The film tells the story of David [Dave Ogbeni] and Henry [Chigozie Okafor] who appears as best friends but are both deeply in love with each other.

David is a bisexual man who is currently in a relationship with Mabel [Ibiwari Etuk].

But everything changes when Henry; David’s long time lover visits. David and Henry try to keep their relationship flourishing while on the other hand, David battles to maintain the status quo.

Watch the available episodes below.






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  • comment-avatar
    Kay kay 5 years

    I appreciate the detailed and intense display/focus on their love,but two criticisms one the cast for wrong 0% and but where is the intimacy? All in all good story line

  • comment-avatar
    Kay kay 5 years

    You are so wrong they ain’t gay,they are just friends cause Henry donated one kidney for David … nice try though lolzzz

  • comment-avatar
    Nisha 5 years

    This is sick!

  • comment-avatar
    Uchennaya 5 years

    David went too far and dat makes his wife to be thinks dey are lover’s but i see David takes Herny as kid brother wow good story line

  • comment-avatar
    Dubem D 5 years

    Please where can I get to buy the movie I will like to watch it

    • comment-avatar

      The film is available online for FREE. Scroll to the top to watch it here on the website. Thanks for leaving an entry here.

  • comment-avatar
    Francis 5 years

    The film made plenty sense to me though I scrolled past some scenes as the thing was dragging and the acting was one kain sometimes. I loved that they didn’t drag homophobia into it

  • comment-avatar
    Chigozie 3 years

    I played the role. Not what most think..

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