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  1. Kay kay
    Kay kay at |

    I appreciate the detailed and intense display/focus on their love,but two criticisms one the cast for wrong 0% and but where is the intimacy? All in all good story line

  2. Kay kay
    Kay kay at |

    You are so wrong they ain’t gay,they are just friends cause Henry donated one kidney for David … nice try though lolzzz

  3. Nisha
    Nisha at |

    This is sick!

  4. Uchennaya
    Uchennaya at |

    David went too far and dat makes his wife to be thinks dey are lover’s but i see David takes Herny as kid brother wow good story line

  5. Dubem D
    Dubem D at |

    Please where can I get to buy the movie I will like to watch it

  6. Francis
    Francis at |

    The film made plenty sense to me though I scrolled past some scenes as the thing was dragging and the acting was one kain sometimes. I loved that they didn’t drag homophobia into it

  7. Chigozie
    Chigozie at |

    I played the role. Not what most think..


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