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  1. Pink Panther
    Pink Panther at |

    *shaking my head* I feel helpless with outrage. Gawd! For how long will such atrocities go on against Nigerian LGBT? Imagine how outrightly false the so-called manager’s story is.

  2. Mike Daemon
    Mike Daemon at |

    My dear, i was filled with so much anger, imagine the amount of money that the manager made from those guys!

  3. Sinnex
    Sinnex at |

    ‘if not for the way you came here, I won’t have let you leave because we know how much we are spending on repairs’

    Mike Daemon for don enter one chance. I would give anything to know what went through his mind at that point in time.

    Come to think of it, why would someone go through the hassles of organizing a party because he and his gang wants to rob the hotel and its environs? That’s so crazy if you think about it.

    What kind of hotel is that sef? Na face me I jam you? I am sure the so called manager was putting on boxers and singlet while drinking burukutu.

    Nonsense and Ingredients.

    Next time, if you must organise a party, do so in a high class hotel like Transcorp or Le Meridian, if you don’t have the money, then just do it your house and make sure it is a gated compound. Most importantly, don’t do it in a populated area or a slum or something.

    I don vex.

    Also, whenever you guys decide to have a Task Force, sign me up. I would love to be the Treasurer and Financial Secretary.

    Humbly submitted for your kind consideration and approval,please.

  4. Ace
    Ace at |

    Nice investigative piece Mike. i am totally saddened by this news. and the manager who said if not for the way you came, he would have held you, what rubbish? That is a very stupid threat.
    Guys need to be careful these days, people are broke and jobless and it is biting hard at every atom of humanity they have left.

    We should also have a recommended list of LGBT friendly event places if we must hold any of such events.

  5. Mike Daemon
    Mike Daemon at |

    Actually, there are safe places to host parties, but this one wasn’t a gay party it was just a birthday party, and these boys, did not commit any crime by trying to have a good time in their own country, Nigeria.

  6. Pankar
    Pankar at |

    And the tipoff, where didst it leak from? Oh it wasn’t a ‘family party’ just a party

  7. Domingo A. Torres
    Domingo A. Torres at |

    I do not believe the hotel manager that was interviewed as his story was inconsistent. As I have said in all my published Facebook articles and videos about the subject in Nigeria’s anti-gay environment. There is great hostilities from the homophobic population which mainly consist of called upon the criminal element to participate, as the so called religious righteous do not want to be caught in its involvement. I would never attend that hotel and I would advise anyone to say away from such a hostile environment gay or not. Tony aka DJ Sunday Towers



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