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  1. kareem anis
    kareem anis at |

    this is very cool and educating…..I’m looking forward for more awareness post from the editor….nice one, good job.

  2. Slimyog
    Slimyog at |

    wow this more than educating and we’ll researched, the editor must have set all days aside for this article……..well done

  3. Erik
    Erik at |

    Everyone should be careful and cautious with our health. Education is the number one best start.

  4. Jimmy
    Jimmy at |

    Thanks for this awareness.

  5. KikiOpe
    KikiOpe at |

    This is beautiful, and educative, lovely read. If only we could have more of this eye opener. It’s high time we actually start putting the “prevention is better than cure” into acting, and not just few words coin together. Lovely write-up, we actually need more of this young man in the community, do your work and be good at it. I’m glad someone actually has brains to research and give a well detailed post. Looking forward to seeing and reading more from the writer. Nice!


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