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  1. Ikoro Iyineleda
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    Yes. When lesbian.

    Male homosexuals are as capable of sleeping around as a crippled man is capable of becoming an Usain Bolt. And the reason is obvious – to any that can think. For a true male homosexual is “home and sexual” – emasculated into the weakness that has him in almost all its entirety incapable of initiating and taking charge of a sexual relationship, most especially with women. And even with men, for there are as few truly homosexual men as there are few truly emasculated men. Thus, promiscuity is associated with homosexuality only in a world that would it tempt the true homosexual into enough flings to “deserve” a positive HIV status – or worse; all in the name of having accepted his homosexuality by the hands of a Devil that should be dined with via a long spoon, even as certainly as the homosexual was spat upon by this same Devil in those “long-gone” days before the modern “tolerance” via which the Devil would he present a facade of restitution.

    Of course, women never carry the cross of the homosexual. And therefore I maintain my stand that promiscuity CAN AND SHOULD BE associated with the homosexual, when lesbian. For – unlike a man – a woman needs neither money nor power to initiate sexual relationships. She needs not even beauty. The ugliest, weakest, and most poverty-stricken woman in the world will continue to collect hordes of suitors on her way to the grave – even if she’s a lesbian, THE MEN WILL COME.

    There is absolutely no man that is born with that type of privilege.


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