Suspected gay man escapes mob attack after allegedly caught having sex

It has been reported that a 28-year-old suspected gay man narrowly escaped an attack from an angry mob after he was allegedly caught having sex with a young school student.

The suspect who was identified as one Anthony Esimoneze, is said to have been caught naked while having sex with the young boy whose age was not disclosed, at a mechanic workshop in Fegge area of Onitsha.

Esimoneze is said to have been caught by a female food vendor who went to ease herself at a corner of the mechanic workshop, but saw the suspect and the young boy having sex.

A resident of the area said, “The student took to his heel immediately he saw the woman, while his partner was unlucky to have escaped.

“As soon as she saw them, she alerted the neighbours and passers-by, but the student quickly ran away before they came.

“This one was not lucky as he was immediately caught by the neighbours and passers-by after identifying him as a known homosexual, who had severally been caught and beaten.”

It was gathered that the angry mob led the suspect with used tire and petrol with the hope of taking him to a safe place for lynching when he eventually escaped.

“But while they were heading to the slaughter arena, some youths came and demanded from the suspect why he was being assaulted.

“He confessed to have committed the crime and blamed it on the devil. He however promised not do it again. While he was explaining, an argument ensued on whether they should lynch him or not, the suspect escaped.”

However, the police in the district have not yet made any public statement concerning the incident neither have they confirmed the report.

Source: DailyPost

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