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  1. Victoria Arthur
    Victoria Arthur at |

    this also happens in uganda where lgbti r killed but never reported

  2. gwyjr
    gwyjr at |

    if you do not want gay people in your country then send them to the united states where they can live in peace

    1. Jerome
      Jerome at |

      So true ,we are suffering in Nigeria

    2. Senza
      Senza at |

      Or South Africa, a country that legalized gay marriage in 2006.

  3. Sasha
    Sasha at |

    What about Kenya? I heard gays are being murdered in there as well.
    Can anybody confirm/deny it?

    1. Tariq Maxwell
      Tariq Maxwell at |

      Its not true.. Here we are free but not that open.. I mean not that garlish.

    2. Yvonne
      Yvonne at |

      In Kenya it’s 14yrs imprisonment but the discrimination from the public is too much….

  4. José Monsueto Fernandes
    José Monsueto Fernandes at |

    Brazil too.

  5. Gandalf
    Gandalf at |

    Trump is treating asylum seekers as illegal aliens. So the U.S. is not the haven I wish it were.

  6. katrina a turner
    katrina a turner at |

    the only thing that’s in their way is trump and the GOP

  7. katrina a turner
    katrina a turner at |

    PLEASE join my news site and help spread the news, the only way people in the world will know is thru social media, the name of my facebook group is, transgender LGBTQ news and things of interest

  8. Ricardo
    Ricardo at |

    It’s really Sad that the world has came to this ,wee all God’s blessings n who is that thy can kill u for being Gay I have a frd tht I’m tryna so hard to get over here from Niggria

  9. Tood
    Tood at |

    Trump is only enforcing the law!!!! Come here “LEGALLY”!! I’m so sick of hearing you idiots say Trump is doing this or that. You can’t just walk over the boarder in any other country in the world and just say I’m here now I’m a citizen! Get fucking real

  10. Richard Campbell
    Richard Campbell at |

    We in Canada are equal Citizens under the law. LGBTQ person’s have the same rights and responsibilities as all other Canadians. Yes there is Homophobia, yes there are acts of violence occasionally, yes there is still bullying however there are consequences to those actions and they are considered criminal offenses.

  11. Jack
    Jack at |

    Terribly sad to read such information. Unfortunately there are countries like Pakistan where gays or LGBTIQ people are thrown out of the community without any formal education or training. They need to live away from their families with their own kind that is with othet LGBTI members often in remote areas with little or no access to any legal justice. Since they are not educated, they are not able to get a decent job, hence they get into the sex industry or they often sing and dance to get some basic needs met. Not accepted by their own family nor by the larger community which must be too depressing for them. Yet they go out during weddings or events such as the birth of a boy child and sing and dance to earn some money. Hoping someday they may have the advantage of a just system just as any other citizen in any country has.

  12. Cindi
    Cindi at |

    Oh it’s okay to send gay people to the USA to live in peace but the Hispanic people who work their asses off aren’t aloud that’s bullshit. You people want to put a wall but bring gay people to live peacefully here…. what has this Country become….

  13. Michael
    Michael at |

    Australia is better than the USA.
    Just like Canada.

    S BRIAN ADAM at |


  15. Sonny
    Sonny at |

    Seeking asylum is legal,has been before you were born.People running for ther lives.These people are so interested on who is banging who,just saying.

  16. Christine
    Christine at |

    God Jesus Christ have mercy on the world, our since are terrible

  17. C-C
    C-C at |

    “It’s really Sad that the world has came to this ,wee all God’s blessings n who is that thy can kill u for being Gay I have a frd tht I’m tryna so hard to get over here from Niggria”

    It’s because of ‘Gods’ that they kill gays – the sooner the world is rid of religion the better.

  18. Scott Adams
    Scott Adams at |

    I am a gay man living in the USA, & I cannot believe the utter stupidity of gays voting liberal, supporting the very candidates that allow these murders of innocent gays go on. Trump is not your enemy people, he has no issues with gays whatsoever, I know first hand, I worked for him for over 20 years. But you all keep supporting these Democrats who are Muslim sympathizers & someday the USA will be doing the same thing.

  19. Jj
    Jj at |

    This rubbish doesn’t belong to Africa, take it where ever you want but it doesn’t have even an inch in Africa

  20. Brian Parker
    Brian Parker at |

    In the USA people are executed for being black.

  21. Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith at |

    Many countries not listed where gays are killed by the authorities or where authorities actively encourage torture and murder… Uganda, Zimbabwe, south Africa where raping lesbians is common practice…., Russia where gays are beaten and deaths have occurred…..

  22. Samantha
    Samantha at |

    Hang on… why are people saying send them o the USA? A country where states still allow you to shoot and kill gay men because ‘you felt in fear of your life’ because they are gay… there was only a recent shooting (there’s always a recent shooting in the USA of course). A country with racial hatred, transgender are denied civil rights in many states.. oh yes the USA may as well be an Iraq or Iran.

  23. Sharon K Proudfoot
    Sharon K Proudfoot at |

    In response to a remark about the United States not being the haven hoped for. We as a nation are under siege and overrun with far too many illegals, many are criminals. It is necessary to take steps to protect our citizens. If you want in then proceed legally.

  24. Don'twant
    Don'twant at |

    Please don’t send anymore gays to the US. They’re annoying as hell, liars and bullies. Send them elsewhere; Great Britain perhaps.

  25. Lance sjogren
    Lance sjogren at |

    That’s because radical left wing groups have encouraged a flood of economic migrants to apply for asylum even though they do not qualify. That has caused the system to crash, and people who have legitimate asylum claims wind up not getting their cases administered. It’s the radical left’s fault, not Trump’s.


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