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Here’s why gay people can relate to the Nigerian song ‘Ochukwu’ by Clay

Clay who is heavily underrated may not be very well known by many people, and this is quite understandable given the nature of music that has dominated the Nigerian music scene today. But if you are one of those people who listen to music that speaks to the inner mind, then you are definitely going to love Clay’s music and exceptional voice.

Promotional cover for the song ‘Ochukwu’ by Clay

To those who do not know her, Clay is a multi-award-winning Nigerian alternative pop/rock artiste and guitarist who infuse Igbo, typical Nigerian pidgin and standard English together in most of her songs.

Through time, Clay has been consistently delivering very quality and well written songs with positive messages of hope, love and joy, and as expected, she did not disappoint on her track titled ‘Ochukwu’.

Ochukwu, is an anthemic song with an unapologetic, inspiring and uplifting positive messages of hope, acceptance, respect for diversity and the promotion of self awareness for especially those who are considered misfits and minorities by the larger society.

Also, Clay’s rock-star and androgynous personality coupled with her powerful and exceptional voice scored her the ability to deliver a more sincere and authentic message of freedom, self realization, and acceptance for who a person is regardless of their true nature and flaws.

Ochukwu is indeed a song that any gay person will definitely relate to, especially those who are still battling with internalized homophobia and needs some sort of self validation and affirmation of their sexuality.

Watch the video below or download mp3 here. (653 downloads)

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    Good music. Inspiring and motivating message. I would say that the target audience might not have been the LGBTIQ community but it sure speaks to the intersectionality of our struggles.

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    John Adewoye 4 years

    Very good music. I have not listen nor even familiar with modern Nigerian musicians. I will definitely check this lady out the more.
    If she didn’t have the LGBTQ in mind, this definitely brings consolation to LGBTQI and education to the Nigerian judgmental mentality.

  • comment-avatar
    Biola 4 years

    I love her songs
    You need to listen to CHEAP HAPPINESS also

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