Terms & Conditions for Contents Contributors/Writers

Please note that you automatically accept the terms and conditions stated clearly below by agreeing to join the NoStringsNG team as a content contributor/writer.

All submitted and written content automatically becomes the property of NoStringsNG once they are published, however, you will be credited for them. 

NoStringsNG reserves the rights to publish or not to publish contents that you submit without providing you with any prior or after explanations whatsoever.

NoStringsNG reserves the right to discontinue its working relationship with you at any time without any prior notice/information about its decisions, but will always provide you with written notice of termination.

Your involvement with NoStrinsNG is volunteer-based, which means that no “payment” or “fee” will be offered to you for your contributions, however, in some special arrangements, NoStringsNG may decide to offer a “compensation fee” for your efforts depending on available resources. If any payment is offered, the amount will be stated in your ‘Engagement Letter’.

For taste, style and to make sure that all the objectives of the platform are met, all submitted work is subject to editing and no prior notice will be given before or after contents are published. However, NoStringsNG will not change opinions expressed in all the works that it receives for publication, but in some cases, might decide to make necessary adjustments to reduce the length of all submitted materials if it’s perceived to be too lengthy or wordy.

Please note that “Work” used above means:

The written material to be created by the Contributor under the above terms and conditions (together with illustrative materials, whether photographs, graphics or otherwise)

Unsolicited written material submitted to NoStringsNG by the Contributor and accepted by NoStringsNG (together with illustrative materials, whether photographs, graphics or otherwise)

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