Our Cookies Policy

We Use Cookies

A cookie is a small computer file that is saved in your computer and contains information about, for example, your personal settings on a website or when the website was visited last.

Cookies are used for the following services at nostringsng.com:

  • Google Analytics, basic user statistics.
  • Addthis, the sharing service that is used at rfsl.se.
  • Vimeo, the video service that is used at the top of the first page.
  • Youtube, the video service that is used for connecting videos to articles.
  • WordPress’ own cookies, that monitor if the user is logged in or not.
  • The Pop-up window uses a cookie that activates if you press “close and don’t show this message again”. This is so that you won’t have to see the pop-up window every time you visit nostringsng.com
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