About Us?

IconLogoNoStringsNg.com is Nigeria’s No.1 advocacy media platform for LGBTIQ News, information, podcast, opinions etc.

The platform uses journalistic approaches to capture, investigate and report LGBTIQ issues especially as it concerns the Nigerian LGBTIQ Community.

It’s aim is to debunk the negative ideas often put up by the Nigerian mainstream media against the Nigerian LGBTIQ community, thereby shaping perceptions and taking control of how the community wants to come across, it seeks to reflect/represent the true nature of what the community represents.

It’s overall aim is to educate and inform the general public about the subject of homosexuality in Nigeria, giving the community its own unique true voice.


  • Education, outreach, awareness on Human Rights, Knowledge, Understanding of Homosexuality in Nigeria.
  • Media Advocacy, partnership and social media campaigns.
  • Conduct research and studies, investigating and reporting issues relating to homosexuality in Nigeria.
  • Documenting and sharing stories of human rights abuses as it concerns LGBTIQ persons.
  • Research and Study
  • Behavioral and self awareness (Motivational)


  • Creating Original & Quality LGBTIQ (audio & text) media contents that informs and educates people concerning LGBTIQ Issues in Nigeria.


  • To serve as a voice for the LGBTIQ Community in Nigeria.
  • To educate and inform the general public about the true nature of the Nigerian LGBTIQ.
  • To become Nigeria’s first LGBTIQ medium of enlightenment through voice.

The Host?

Mike Daemon, is a Nigerian LGBTIQ Rights Advocate, Journalist and Broadcaster, with an extensive knowledge in media and broadcasting. He serves as the project coordinator and host of the first ever Nigerian online LGBTIQ podcast show tagged ‘NoStrings Podcast’.