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  1. Ikedi Oghenetega
    Ikedi Oghenetega at |

    Thank you Afeso 🙂

  2. Derek WilliamsD
    Derek WilliamsD at |

    I suggest rewording the phrase “Most religious peaple are to blame…” to something like “Certain religious beliefs are mostly to blame…”

    For example, in America, over 80% of the country is Christian, yet over 70% of the same country support LGBT equality, and over 60% support same-sex marriage. This can ONLY mean that the majority of Christians support LGBT equality. Many Christian denominations now welcome LGBT parishioners with full sacraments, including ordination to the clergy and same-sex marriage, for example the Scottish Episcopal Church, where I live.

    While it’s true that religious belief is mostly responsible for the horrendous persection of LGBT minorities, it also teaches against murder. I doubt very much whether ANY religious belief of a mainstream religious sect was behind the vicious assault and murder of Dandara, a perfectly harmless individual who was a threat to nobody.

    It is also I suggest important not to antagonise those reigious people who ARE standing with us in seeking to change attitudes like this, which often cannot be supported by religious texts in the first place.

  3. Wisdom Ugwuadu
    Wisdom Ugwuadu at |

    Great documentary and brilliant write up on this issues. This has been a serious issue too here in Nigeria.


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