Nigerian Singer Releases New LGBT Themed Song

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Chisom Iheangwaram, a Nigerian singer and songwriter, recently released an LGBT themed song that speaks to the struggles and discrimination experienced by LGBT persons in the country.

The beautiful and well crafted song titled “Why Love Is A Crime” talks about the despair, laments and literally begs an answer to a question that has remained unanswered and avoided by many.

The song samples the different elements of a typical raggae music, and in an unwavering attempt, speaks to the obvious TRUTH that homosexuality is truly about LOVE and does no harm to anyone.

Surely, this is much needed and appreciated especially at this time in the country where many wallow in ignorance and still regard homosexuality as a taboo, immoral or something purely sexual.

This is indeed a welcomed initiative and serves as a wonderful gift to the LGBT community in Nigeria, who have suffered a lot under the country’s draconian homophobic laws.

For this, we at NoStrings say thank you Chisom for the truth revealed and the strength that your music brings, as we gradually approach freedom and remain hopeful.

Your music reminds us all that Love always wins, and its sure to win again!

So, we at NoStrings therefore declare this as the first true Nigerian LGBT Anthem.


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    Sean Major-Campbell 6 years

    This is a beautiful song. It should inspire many of those LGBT persons who have suffered so much abuse, oppression and persecution. Blessings on this good work.

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    Oloye 6 years

    Thanks for sharing. Guidance and blessings in the face of adversity; check out UNFE (UN Free and Equal).

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    I did not expect this to be free. How do I pay the artist?

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