Nigerian musician tells why queer Nigerians can relate to him

David Garland, a Nigerian musician, believes that his calls for personal authenticity, even if it breaks with social norms, should be appealing to queer Nigerians.

From the African Human Rights Media Network

By Mike Daemon

The R&B singer, who recently released his first EP, titled “Boy Enough”, revealed this in a conversation with NoStringsNG.

David Garland (Photo source: Instagram)

“I think everyone can relate to my music, including queer Nigerians. I believe so because my brand as a musician promotes the need to be authentic and push beyond the norm in an artistic form. True, queer people are vulnerable by nature; however, I also want them to see their vulnerability and not be afraid to embrace it cause there’s so much beauty in it,” he said.

Speaking about the LGBTIQ+ struggle for visibility and equality, the budding musician expressed his support for the human rights of queer Nigerians, including their choices about consensual sex:

“I believe love is love and we are no one to judge anyone based on their consensual life choices. It’s painful to see that young queer people have to hide, and my hope is that Nigeria becomes a better place.”

Garland who has a non-traditional, androgynous style, also had a message for queer youths:

“I think young queer people should try to be safe and find solace in their magic and authenticity. And definitely lead with love because, in the end, it conquers everything,” he said.

This is not the first time that the musician has spoken about queer-related issues. Earlier this year in an interview on YTV, Garland spoke extensively about the negative impact of toxic masculinity.

Garland’s music and overall soulful voice can be enjoyed by everyone.

To access Garland’s EP, click HERE.

To follow Garland on Instagram, click HERE.

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