As a gay Nigerian, here’s a song you should be listening to right now!

Abuja-based up and rising Nigerian singer, Etiti Bass has released an empowering and motivational song which could very well appeal to any gay person out there.

Promo cover for ‘Be Yourself’ a song by Etiti Bass.

The song ‘Just be yourself’ produced by Cheiff Ace, was recently released online by the singer for free download.

Facing discrimination and homophobia almost on a daily basis, the self esteem of an LGBT person is hampered as they struggle to pull themselves through all the challenges associated with trying to live their authentic lives.

Also, remaining focused and dealing with everyday struggles as a gay person can be truly exhausting and that’s when Basis’s song can really come in handy, especially when the courage to keep hanging on seems to be drifting.

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Even though Basis’s intended audience might not entirely be the LGBT community, his new song seems to be speaking to that LGBT person, especially with its comforting and motivating message for one to live their truth regardless of how others see and treat them.

Etiti Bass. Photo credits: Etiti Bass via Facebook.

Basis’s song is not the kind of song you hear every day from a Nigerian. Its lyrics are well written with powerful positive words such as “Don’t break down stay strong” and “Live your truth and be free”

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Just as the song title implies, its overall message is about self-affirmation and self-love.

To download Basis’s song ‘Be Yourself’, CLICK HERE.

To follow Etiti Bass on Facebook, CLICK HERE.

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