Call for participation: What Happened When They Knew?


The What Happened project is meant to highlight the different stories behind one’s coming out to loved ones, friends, relatives, family, or maybe someone getting to just find out that you are gay. The project is meant to relive those moments in terms of how you felt and how you were treated afterwards, coupled with how you cope with people who know you as a homosexual man/woman.

Entry for the project is limited to Nigerians only. Nigerians living abroad are also encouraged to participate.

Please note that your voice will be played on the podcast, so you have the option of either indicating that your voice be altered or not. And for your own safety, please do not use your real names, and do not mention your exact location. However, a scripted guide speech will be sent over to you via your email address just to guide you through the entire process.

Entry is open until the 31th of October 2015.


  1. Send an email to with the subject “What Happened” or visit: and use the available form
  2. Wait for script, follow instructions
  3. Record your voice using a mobile phone, or a voice recorder and send back to as an attached file.

Thank you.

Have something to share? Ready to tell your story? Contact us.


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    Django 7 years

    I tried and tried to respond to the email and upload the voice but haven’t gotten any headway. Will keep trying.

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    Hey Django, you are adviced to use the online form to send your recording thanks. Just incase, here is the link:

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