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In line with our mission to advance LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender] equality and acceptance through knowledge sharing and story-telling, NoStringsNG is seeking for online content writers who are passionate about LGBT activism and ready to use journalism to amplify LGBT voices in Nigeria and to raise awareness on issues affecting sexual minority persons in the country.

Interested persons do not necessarily need to be journalists or professional writers to apply, but must have a strong passion for writing about LGBT issues.

Description of workflow

Selected individuals will work remotely as a team. The team will be led by an editor, who will edit and proofread all submitted contents before they are published.

Individuals will be credited for their contents, except they indicate otherwise.

Contents and opinions may speak on the following:

NoStringsNG strongly seeks for authentic LGBT news, articles, movie/music reviews, interviews, opinions and reports on the following themes;

Policies, LGBT rights and the law, health, gender identity, sexuality, gender stereotypes, acceptance and inclusiveness, equality and human rights, religion, motivational etc.

Preferably people with the following;

  1. A general interest in journalism.
  2. Good communication skills.
  3. Good or minimal writing skills.
  4. Good use of the computer[MS Word]
  5. Basic WordPress knowledge [not compulsory].
  6. Strong interest in LGBTI activism.
  7. An ability to write and source for compelling LGBT themed Nigerian news stories.

Please note:

  1. All writings must be advocacy-oriented. We are not looking for exclusive pop-culture or entertainment articles or poems.
  1. If you are selected to be a part of the team, then, please be ready to promote contents on social media by sharing them on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  2. This opportunity is strictly volunteer-based, which means that it is an unpaid opportunity. However, in some cases, NoStringsNG is willing to compensate for monthly internet data so as to encourage participation.

Contents submitted through our website are encrypted, and all information sent to us will be treated as confidential. Please see our Statement of Confidentiality if in any doubt.            

To apply, CLICK HERE.

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